What to Know


To prevent the cold, even extreme, it is important to be equipped comfortably.

Trust us ! Clothing provided with your rental are: warm boots, a set of overalls and jacket (wintersuit), mitts and a helmet with visor.

Personal takeaway effects not included in our packages are:

  • Body type clothing Damart
  • Wool socks (3-5 pairs)
  • Wool jackets or fleece (3)
  • Hot underwear pull (2/3)
  • Neck tube
  • Silk hood to wear under the helmet
  • Silk under gloves

These technical garments are offered in our store, at competitive prices.

We also recommend to take sunglasses and lip balm. Consider winter boots for your pre- and post-tour holiday.

** Scarves are banned! **


What can you carry on your snowmobile? We furnish two satchels, size: 9 x 12.5 x 17 inches. You are free to bring a backpack also, but think about the weight you will carry. Usually the 2 bags provided are more than enough. You can leave your excess baggage at your hotel ($) if you plan go back, or at our rental center.

Other personal accessories

Bring your cameras in their protective packaging. Make sure to take enough spare batteries, because the cold greatly reduces much their lifetime. Do not forget your swimsuit, as many places offer spa or pool.

Meal specifics

Meals and given tips are included in your package.

(Please warn SM Sport about any allergies or dietary indications at least two (2) weeks before departure).


Usual customs in Canada for waiters in restaurants, porter, taxi driver, etc. not included in your package, should be tipped. Calculate 15% of the invoice amount.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of sale. We are responsive so, if you have any questions, please contact a member of our team.

Unused services

No refund will be made for any service not used by the client during the stay or package. Similarly, SM Sport reserves the right to exclude any participant from a stay or package in the event that he or she would be recklessly endangering his or her life or that of others, in particular in the case of excessive speed, not respecting the highway code or driving under the influence of alcohol. This exclusion would occur after a first written warning given to the customer against receipt and not followed by effect. The exclusion can not lead to any refund of the part of the stay or package not completed.

Schedules and routes

The accommodations, the final itinerary and the exact mileage are subject to modifications according to special circumstances that can not be borne by SM Sport (extreme weather, impassable access routes, particular dangers). In the event of such circumstances, SM Sport undertakes to make every effort to replace the service, activity or part thereof with an equivalent service, activity or part of activity. In such a case, no increase or reduction of the total price of the stay or package may be applied. Just as no compensation can be claimed by the customer.


The names of the hotels mentioned in this brochure are given as an indication, we reserve the right to replace these hotels with others of similar category. The distribution of the rooms is done by the hotelier according to the type of reserved room, SM Sport Inc. can not be held responsible for a specific availability or the location of a room in the hotel.


All our stays and packages take effect and begin on Canadian territory and are subject to the laws in force in Canada and more specifically those in force in the province of Quebec. The client is responsible for transporting from his / her place of residence to Québec City or Montreal and returning home. He / she must ensure that the selected air flights allow him / her to respect the scheduling times initially set by SM Sport Inc. In case of delay at the airport requiring modification of the initial take-up, a new takeover by SM Sport Inc. (or by the transfer provider of his choice), the customer undertakes to assume additional costs.

Visits and excursions

The tours and excursions included in our itineraries were possible at the time of your reservation. If changes occur by the departure date, (closing day of an attraction, site ...) we will replace this visit with a similar one or we will do it at a different time. Both civil and religious festivals, strikes and demonstrations may lead to changes in visits or excursions, of which SM Sport can not be held responsible. These cases of unforseeable circumstances do not entail compensation for the traveler.


Supplements for stays in Quebec City at the following times:

Period between Christmas and New Year, during the Quebec Carnival and on Valentine's Day

Prices vary between $ 30.00 and $ 70.00 per person per night.

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Textron Off Road
Moto Guzzi
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